DRAM And Diplo’s ‘Look Back’ Video Is A Trippy Desert Quest

An unexpectedly soulful collaboration

Diplo and DRAM may seem like an odd pairing on paper, but the DJ and the trap-soul crooner are actually pretty perfect collaborators, as evidenced by their new tune “Look Back.”

This is a bit of a sonic switch-up for both artists — Diplo eschews his EDM roots for something more soulful, and DRAM ventures into guitar-driven power ballad territory. “And I haven’t looked back / Since I made up my mind / To never look behind,” the “Broccoli” artist wistfully sings over atmospheric production.

In the track’s trippy video, directed by Brandon Dermer, DRAM navigates a red and purple desert full of “radical melancholy vibes” (Diplo’s words, not mine). Whether he’s losing himself or finding himself is all up to interpretation.

Speaking about “Look Back” with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, DRAM revealed that the track actually got started a few years ago in Post Malone’s studio, and even features Skrillex’s production and background vocals from Tinashe.

“Look Back” is the first official release from Diplo’s forthcoming EP California, due out in March.