Selena Gomez Totally Blanks On The Lyrics To Her Demi Lovato And Zedd Duets

She remembered Barney though

A few months ago, we watched Demi Lovato master a hilarious game of BBC Radio 1’s “Remember The Lyrics,” and now Selena Gomez has taken a swing at it.

During a recent visit to the U.K. radio station, Gomez was put to the test by host Nick Grimshaw, who tasked the singer with finishing the lyrics to some of her oldest deep cuts. Gomez was confident at the start of the game, insisting, “I’ve been singing since I was seven and I feel like they’re my stories, so I think [the lyrics] are just embedded in my mind.”

But then the game began and things took a quick, ugly turn. Gomez panicked and passed on her 2015 collab with Zedd, “I Want You to Know,” and was equally stumped when Grimshaw played her 2009 duet with Lovato, “One and the Same.”

“You’re joking,” she said. “Please tell me you played this for Demi. Because I know for a fact she’d have me on this one. We don’t know that song! That was a song that Demi and I did when we were doing a movie, and I was 15, so that was 10 years ago, Nick!”

There was, however, one song that Selena did know, and she knew it damn well. The singer handily recited the entirety of her 2002 duet with Barney, and even admitted that she and Lovato had a crush on the guy inside the purple dinosaur suit (yes, really).

Watch the full, hilarious video up top.