Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Help You End Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day

His video for 'The Break Up' comes with a handy website for actually breaking up

Machine Gun Kelly really isn’t in the Valentine’s Day spirit this year. Rather than use the holiday to debut a lovey-dovey new single, the rapper aims to wipe out all the mushiness with his ex-blasting “The Break Up” video.

Directed by Jordan Wozy, the vid shifts through bright, color-coded rooms filled with plants, alcohol, drugs, and big “Fuck You” balloons. MGK appears on the phone with his now-ex, delivering a scathing break-up speech punctuated by the song’s merciless hook: “I wish I loved you / Or that I cared / Or that I’d even give a damn if you were here / But you’re gone, so it’s fuck you.”

But that’s not all — MGK also launched a “1-800-The-Break-Up” website that allows wannabe singles to text relationship-ending messages to their unfortunate beaus. If your own words fail, there’s pre-set ones with messages like, “Wanna know a joke? Our relationship” and “Wanna see a magic trick? Poof! You’re single.” And if you really want to go for the jugular, there’s even one that says, “I’m literally using a website to break up with you RN. This is not a joke.” Ouuuuuch!

As the rapper explained on Instagram, “If ur partner ever pulled some fuck shit — now is the day to let em know.” Pretty harsh, yes — especially if you send one on Valentine’s Day of all days — but it’s at least sure to get the job done.