Bella Thorne And Patrick Schwarzenegger 'Burn So Bright' In Midnight Sun Music Video

They're canoodling but strictly at nighttime

Bella Thorne's new film Midnight Sun, where she plays a teenager with a rare condition that renders her unable to go outside and bask in the warm sunlight because she might die if she does, is due out in March. And to coincide with this, she's just released the music video for her song "Burn So Bright," which features on the film's soundtrack.

The clip is extremely 2002, featuring Bella playing an acoustic guitar and playing in a band featuring a bassist in a lumberjack beanie. It also has several shots of her looking forlornly out her window at the sunlit world below, but those are balanced out by playing beer pong with Patrick Schwarzenegger, walking at night with Patrick Schwarzenegger, and kissing Patrick Schwarzenegger near a fire pit.

Just a few months ago, Bella starred in another music video — Liam Payne's "Bedroom Floor" — a comparatively sadder one but one where she at least got to spent some time while the sun was out.

It should be noted that this Midnight Sun is based on the 2006 Japanese film and not the as-yet unpublished Stephenie Meyer book that tells the events of Twilight from Edward's perspective. Doubly confusing is that Meyer's protagonist is named Bella.

Alas, Bella Thorne is not a vampire bride, as far as I can tell(?). She is, however, the star in this video as well as the film, which hits theaters March 23. Check out the visual above.