Siesta Key Kiss: Is Canvas Really Into Paige?

The new girl is swiftly moving into off-limits territory

Unlike last summer's inevitable Alex-and-Kelsey kiss, the latest hookup on Siesta Key threw us all for a loop. Why? It featured none other than Canvas and -- wait for it -- Paige. (Yes, that Paige -- as in Madisson's sister.)

To recap this week's episode: While rehashing Brandon's infidelity, Madisson yet again reiterated her disdain for the new girl during a conversation at the Tiki Bar with Kelsey and Paige. "Canvas is the last person I wanted to hear it from," she said, addressing how her nemesis snitched about BG's one-night stand. "The past month, I've been watching her fawn all over my boyfriend."

At which point (speak of the devil), Canvas showed up to pick up a shift, apologizing to Madisson in the process. But Mad wasn't having it and quickly peaced out -- and that's when Canvas pulled Paige aside and asked to "talk another time."

Call us crazy, but this doesn't exactly look entirely innocent:

Her proclamations of virtue continued. "My intentions were never to be anything with Brandon," she told Paige over drinks. "Madisson seems like a sweet girl. I'd rather be the one to tell her what I saw. I was hoping that telling her would make something better, because what's the point of being in a relationship with a f**ktard?"

Cue any remnants of the ice breaking between the girls (because naturally, they could agree on BG's f*cktard status), and that's when things started to get intriguing.

Canvas soon suggested a tequila shot, and she and Paige toasted to "new friendships." When their conversation led to the topic of dating, Canvas told Paige she's "hot." Then the possibly tipsy pair left to go to another bar, and IT happened.

Yes, really.

So let's review: Early on, Madisson warned Canvas to back off BG, and tensions have been growing ever since. Now Canvas has locked lips with Mad's sister. Do you think Canvas is truly into Paige -- or could she be trying to get back at her by wrecking all of Madisson's relationships? Comment with your thoughts, and tune in Monday at 10/9c for more.