Fear Factor Destruction: Ludacris Just Tossed An IPhone In A Blender

Watch the madness unfold in a brand-new sneak peek

Hold on to your hat iPhones, because Ludacris is coming after the Apple devices.

In a sneak peek of this week's Fear Factor episode, the host explains to the competitors that their upcoming challenge will be technology-based and the gang will be facing their "personal nightmare" during "Dropped Call."

"Everything is on your phone -- we all know that," Luda tells the group in the clip above. "Your applications, your contacts, your messages, your nasty pictures that you don't want nobody to see except maybe one person. It's your access to the world."

So why is he throwing an IPhone in a blender? And how do the guys/gals react when they see the smartphone crushed to smithereens? Watch the clip to see it all go down, and don't miss Fear Factor this Sunday at 7/6c.