Lester Cohen/Getty Images for NARAS

Shawn Mendes Shirtlessly Hypes His Third Album, Which Likely Sounds Like John Mayer

The 'Continuum' overtones are strong

Over the weekend, Shawn Mendes teased the release of a new album, likely his third studio album, with a shirtless photo. Here he is, sitting in a swing, looking happily off into the distance in Jamaica, as Billboard points out.

"Album soon come," Shawn caption wrote.

This still-unannounced album would be the follow-up to 2016's Illuminate and presumably could include some of the songs he penned with Ryan Tedder, as he told MTV News last year. That's all important, but what may be even more telling of the album's sound are the Instagram posts Mendes has been sharing since January.

Exhibit A: a simple shot of Mendes in the studio playing what very much resembles an OMJM John Mayer custom signature Martin guitar, the kind Mayer preferred during his Continuum era. (That was Mayer's third album, by the way.)

Exhibit B: an artful black-and-white snap of Mendes, hair tousled and visibly tattooed, rolling up the sleeves of a denim jacket, more than a little resembling Mayer circa Continuum in 2006.

And one look at the caption reveals, well, geez, how about that — the photo was taken by Mayer himself.

I'm not saying Mendes is consciously after any kind of specific look here. But just ask Cody Simpson and he'll tell you, too: Mayer's influence on an entire generation of young songwriters, aesthetically and sound-wise, apparently cannot be overstated.