Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Cardi B's Stroll To The Elevator Is Ready For The Fashion Week Runway

Please appreciate her exquisite wink (and looks)

Cardi B has taken New York Fashion Week by storm, eyeing the looks from the front row of Christian Siriano's show on February 10 and cozying up to Anna Wintour herself before she called it a night.

But even after a quick change — where she went from a bright green suit to a stunning headwrap and trench ensemble — she was ready to hit the tents, and strut her stuff on her way out the door for the camera just like the models she'd just watched walk down the runway.

Let's talk about that wink just before she heads into the elevator and off to Alexander Wang's show, though: That's legendary in its own right, and a move the fashion elite can totally appreciate.

Keep thriving, Cardi. Fashion week will never be the same.