Watch Taylor Swift Impersonate Ed Sheeran In New Behind-The-Scenes Video

They take you behind 'End Game'

Almost a month after premiering her “End Game” video, Taylor Swift has given us a behind-the-scenes look at her globe-trotting shenanigans with Ed Sheeran and Future. And rest assured, her friendship with Sheeran remains as pure and entertaining as ever.

The bulk of the new video, released on Friday (February 9), consists of Swift and Sheeran cracking each other up and occasionally throwing jabs at the other's expense (she accuses him, for example, of “peacock-ing” by constantly sitting on elevated chairs around her). They also talk about the inspiration for Sheeran’s pseudo-rapping on “End Game,” the latest single from Swift’s reputation.

Sheeran reveals that he wrote his verse in New York after a dream he had. “So it’s not talent, it just accidentally happened,” Swift deadpans, to which Sheeran responds, “Just dreams, yep.”

Sheeran also explains the story behind his lyric, “after the storm something was born on the fourth of July.” He thoroughly blows Swift’s mind by revealing that it’s not just about falling in love with fiancée Cherry Seaborn at one of Swift’s infamous holiday parties; Born on the Fourth of July is also the title of a Tom Cruise movie. “It’s a play on words,” he explains. Cue Tay's shocked reaction:

Check out the video above to see all the action, which also includes Swift laughing with Future and impersonating Sheeran’s accent, a lame joke about putting fries on their shoulders, and Swift getting flustered over a Scrabble game on her phone with a certain someone (“it’s a tight game”).