Sneak Peek: Nev's Wife Laura Gives Him Some Catfish Pointers

But will she be able to help the pending investigation?

Nev has stated that his wife Laura is really good at "calling" him out -- and in a sneak peek of this week's Catfish episode, the MTV co-host's wife is doing just that after he explained some unexpected behavior by a woman named Veronica who might have information about the current catfish Candy Red (yes, that's supposedly her name).

"Did you guys come in a little hot?" she asks her spouse in the clip above. "I mean, if you're just cold-calling someone and you're like, 'Hey, it's Nev. Do you know this person who might be lying?'"

So what pointers does she give Nev? And how does he react? Watch the couple's lighthearted exchange, and to see if Laura's tactic works, catch the entire Catfish installment on Wednesday at 10/9c!