'I'm Going To Treatment': Why Teen Mom OG's Catelynn Is Getting Help

When the young mother expressed suicidal thoughts, she immediately headed to a facility

Catelynn endured a miscarriage during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode -- and following the traumatic event, she told the MTV production team she had suicidal thoughts (the conversation was not captured on camera).

"I can't talk," Tyler told the couple's producer Kerthy, following Kerthy's recap of the discussion the crew had with his wife. From there, Tyler began to cry, and Kerthy immediately comforted him with a big hug.

"When she says stuff like that, it's crazy," Tyler added, through his tears. "When you love someone like that and they say that, it's like, I would literally die."

Kerthy commended Tyler for finding Catelynn a treatment center "so quickly" and stated that swift action needs to be taken when someone makes these types of comments. And before leaving for treatment, Cate called Tyler's mom Kim and told her she was en route to get help.

"I contemplated every single way that I could kill myself today," Catelynn stated, as she and Tyler drove to the airport. Kim told Cate that she's a "great mother and great wife" and that she would be "praying every day."

The installment concluded with Catelynn, Tyler, Kerthy and the production team arriving at an Arizona-based facility. Cameras were not allowed on the premises, but they captured Tyler breaking down in the car following the couple's goodbye.

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