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In Real Life's 'Eyes Closed' Gets A Pumped-Up, Full-Band TV Rendition

SPOILER ALERT: They did not have their eyes closed

Sometimes on late-night talk shows, a musical performance can feel a little cramped. Most are filmed on small stages inside TV studios, so for performers who are used to roaming around in larger venues, it might seem stiff. One of the best antidotes to this is the platform provided by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which has recently hosted small but dynamic gigs from Niall Horan and BTS.

On Wednesday night (February 7), the new group In Real Life — one of the key boy bands to watch in 2018 — stopped by the show to deliver their song "Eyes Closed." And even though they didn't get the larger outdoor-stage treatment, their low-key choreography reveals they didn't feel packed into a small soundstage at all.

With a live band cranking out the song's big chorus, "Eyes Closed" felt more than a little reminiscent of early One Direction. It makes sense, as the members of In Real Life — Brady, Chance, Drew, Sergio, Michael — were also assembled together as part of a TV competition (ABC's Boy Band).

The group sounds tight, but don't miss their drummer's insane breakdown around 2:05, either. He follows the melody like a dog running circles around its owner, eventually becoming the one leading. It's awesome. Check that out above.