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The Aces' 'Volcanic Love' Will Soon Be Mandatory Summer Listening

Give it a few months

Utah's The Aces are just two months away from releasing their debut LP, When My Heart Felt Volcanic. And if it has even half the amount of lush, billowy panoramas evoked on their new song "Volcanic Love" — which dropped on Friday (February 9) — its chances of soundtracking summer as perfectly as Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion did in 2015 are high.

While previous single "Fake Nice" was a tight, brisk groove, "Volcanic Love" sprays its '80s-indebted guitar lines wildly like, say, lava. Or magma?

On Wednesday (February 14), The Aces dropped the colorful, movie-inspired video for the song, co-directed by Nico Poalillo and the band's drummer and co-songwriter Alisa Ramirez. In addition to showcasing each individual member of the band, it also pays homage to what singer and songwriter Cristal Ramirez called the "toxic romances, or 'volcanic loves,' if you will" of some beloved films — including Heathers and its iconic croquet outfits.

The four Aces — Alissa; her sister Cristal; bassist McKenna Petty; and lead guitarist Katie Henderson — aren't any older than 22, but they've already been in this band for nearly a decade. "We always say this: We don't know where the idea came from, but we were like, all right, we gotta be in a band," Alisa told MTV News recently.

Check out the full clip, and see if you can spot all the movie references, above.