Watch Lindsay Lohan Expertly Recite Her Fave Mean Girls Quotes

So fetch

"Fetch" still isn’t happening, but the spirit of Mean Girls is alive and well with Lindsay Lohan.

The actress stars in a new video for W magazine in which she recites her favorite lines from the now-classic 2004 comedy. Impressively, Lohan slips right back into the role of new girl-turned-Plastic, Cady Heron, with ease. Well, relative ease. She erupts into a fit of giggles while saying most of the lines, which include “on Wednesdays, we wear pink”, “you smell like a baby prostitute”, and of course, “grool.”

See which other five quotes made the cut — and which quote Lohan wants to punch up a little — in the laugh-filled video below. (And no, there's no sign of her weird accent anywhere. Whew.)

In more exciting Mean Girls news, it was recently revealed that the Tina Fey-written musical adaptation of the film will hit Broadway this spring. Previews begin on March 12, before the show’s opening night on April 8. Pretty grool.