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Lorde Needs You To Help Her Find The Perfect Vintage Band T-Shirt

Go raid your closet, especially if you've got a Simon & Garfunkel tee in it

Do you collect vintage band merch? Do you have a stack of worn cotton that just so happened to be collected at, say, a Simon & Garfunkel show or a Phil Collins tour stop in a city near you?


The pop star is gearing up for another round of touring in support of her 2017 smash, Melodrama, and she's hoping to acquire some t-shirts bearing the names of her favorite musicians so that she can perform "Green Light" while paying tribute to her "heroes."

The best part? If you do help her out and send some gear her way, she'll trade you one tour tee for one of her own DIY design. Given that she just published a full-page thank you note decorated with her own doodles in a New Zealand newspaper, it appears that she's just as excited to make some art offstage as she is to perform these days.

If you're a Lorde fan who wants nothing more than to make your heroine's day while also scoring some one-of-a-kind threads of your own, congratulations, classic rock collectors: This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.