Catfish Quandary: Nev And Max Just Reached A Dead End

In a new sneak peek, the two start investigating a fraud and come up with nothing

Nev and Max approach most Catfish cases with some vital information about the questionable guy/gal -- for example, photos, phone numbers and social media accounts. But in a sneak peek of this week's episode, the detectives -- who are aiding Zak with getting answers about Garrett -- have a tough time getting the investigation off the ground.

"Should we start with a little image search?" Nev asks in the video above. "Image 1, nothing."

The next two pics generate a "0 results found" -- so they swiftly run a check of G's digits. But unfortunately for them, they have the same issue as they did with the photographs. A real man of mystery.

Will they be able to get any clues from the Garrett's Facebook and Instagram accounts? Watch the clip to find out, and see the entire Catfish tale of Zak and Garrett on Wednesday at 10/9c!