Ludacris Says Fear Factor Makes Him Freak Out Too

According to the host with the most, eating live insects is just the tip of the iceberg

Ludacris has watched a diverse crop of Fear Factor competitors do some crazy s**t test their personal limits. And the challenges will continue when the upcoming Season From Hell premieres, with the entertainer once again enjoying a front row seat to the mayhem.

"I have a lot of fun being the host here on Fear Factor," Luda reveals in the clip above. "I get to witness a lot of different things -- some of my personal fears, to be honest with you."

Example 1: "Eating anything that is still living." We would have to agree that chowing down on crawling critters is pretty frightening.

But that's not all. Watch Luda talk about other things that make him quiver, and don't miss him when brand-new installments begin this Sunday at 7/6c!