Siesta Key Tattletale: Should Canvas Have Squealed About Brandon's Hookup?

She said it was for Madisson's 'benefit'

We knew Canvas was a Siesta Key troublemaker, but we didn't exactly see this coming. But funnily enough, it was Brandon who totally called it:

During tonight's episode, the Siesta Key newbie spilled the beans to Madisson about BG's indiscretion. We get why Canvas spoke up: Mad absolutely deserved to know, and Canvas was the one who saw it all go down. And after Brandon confessed his dirty deed to Carson and Canvas confided in Chloe, it was clear the budding rapper wasn't about to make waves with his girl.

Chloe even not-so-subtly tried to get BG to admit to it ("You were being a little extra nice"), but Brandon claimed he stayed alone in a hotel after his show. "Just me and my rapper equipment, and that was it," he said. (If by "rapper equipment," you mean "a random groupie," then okay. But we digress...)

It wasn't until the Halloween party that Canvas decided to make her move -- and dressed as Mother Nature, the brunette bartender did cause quite the s**t storm. Madisson's reaction after hearing the news from her nemesis? "We are not friends. Why would you go out of your way to tell me this?"

Replied Canvas: "I want you to know, and not for my benefit -- it's for your benefit. I'm just letting you know what I saw. You deserve to know what's going on. I'm not the one you have to worry about."

Upon being confronted, Brandon didn't deny a thing. And honestly, we're not sure if Mad was more pissed about BG cheating or the fact that she "had to hear it from f**king Canvas."

But what do you think? Should Canvas have been the one to tell Madisson? Or should she have waited for Brandon to come clean to Madisson? Take our poll, tell us your thoughts in the comments, and catch the Bradisson aftermath next Monday at 10/9c.