Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tiffany Haddish Hilariously Reacts To Her Oscars Snub

No paycheck? No, thank you!

It seems the world collectively balked when we realized that the Academy failed to give Tiffany Haddish an Oscar nomination this year. After all, her hilarious performance in Girls Trip skyrocketed her into the public sphere and continues to be talked about months after the film's summer release. Surely anyone who can stand out in a cast stacked with Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Regina Hall deserves to be recognized, right?

Fortunately, Haddish reacted to the snub with a lot more humor than her many fans did, telling Entertainment Weekly that, for her, it's less about the gold and more about the Benjamins.

Recognizing that her Best Supporting Actress win from the New York Film Critics Circle "validated all the hard work I’ve been doing over all these years" and "just makes me want to work harder, so I can continue to entertain the masses," Haddish countered, “But at the end of the day, I’m not that concerned about awards like that.”

She continued, “I’m not really into that, I’m more into the job. What’s the next job? If the award comes with a check, then I want that award. But if it doesn’t come with a check, then I’m not that interested. I’d much rather join NASCAR and get a trophy and a check. [Laughs] Like, I don’t have space in my house for this trophy, so I need checks so I can get a bigger house. But I really do appreciate it.”

Sounds like the comedian truly has her eyes on the prize and we can expect more award-worthy performances soon.