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Justin Timberlake Channels His Inner DJ Khaled While Previewing New Music

He also clarifies the meaning behind his new album title

Justin Timberlake’s first new album in five years finally arrives tomorrow (February 2), and no one’s more excited than the man himself. JT took some time out on his 37th birthday on Wednesday to tease some of the new music — and clear up a bit of confusion about what’s in store.

Using his best DJ Khaled voice, Timberlake let fans know that this was a “new music alert.” He also let fans in on a little album intel: Despite its outdoorsy title and tracklist, Man of the Woods isn’t actually a country album.

“The album is named after my son,” Timberlake explained. “His name means ‘of the woods,’ so stop telling me I’m making a country album!”

Timberlake’s son is named Silas, which a quick Google search reveals to mean “of the forest” or simply “woods.” So there you have it — JT isn’t going reverse-Taylor Swift on us after all!

Later, Timberlake shared a second video from his rehearsals for this weekend’s Super Bowl halftime show performance. In it, he previews a bouncy, falsetto-flaunting tune called “Montana” that Pharrell and Chad Hugo co-produced.

Next up was another “new music alert” from his car. “Still my bday!! I’m having too much fun!” he wrote. “More new music alert. This is a song called HIGHER HIGHER.” He enthusiastically sings along to the groovy tune, about being “love-struck” over a special someone.

And just when you thought JT’s music-teasing birthday antics were over, he surprised fans with yet another video on Thursday morning. In it, he gives a glimpse of the snowy Minnesota roadside, then turns the focus on a warm weather-friendly jam called “Wave,” in which he croons about a girl with “rose-colored glasses.”

Yep, it’s safe to say none of those four newly previewed tunes have even the faintest hint of country to them. But there’s still a song called “Flannel” on the tracklist, so maybe Man of the Woods will surprise us after all.