Vote For The Most Obvious Catfish Con Artists

When you know, you know

The frauds from Catfish can either be extremely obvious or difficult to decipher -- but during tonight's installment, Nev and Max were absolutely positive that Traves was not talking to a Las Vegas-based aspiring model named Candy Red.

The (literal) red flags: Her moniker (Max suggested that it could be a stage name), her photographs (they sure didn't look authentic and a search would later prove they were of a porn star), no video chatting, dodging Traves when he went to visit Sin City and asking for money (the oldest trick in the Catfish book).

"I want it to be true, but a girl named Candy Red from Vegas that's asking you for money to pay her bills just doesn't sound good," Max told Traves. And when they ended their initial chat, Nev had a suggestion for the production team: "We should just call this episode 'Catfish, Wake the F**k up.'"

Obviously Sure enough, Candy Red was a serial catfish named Brianna. But this is hardly the first occasion when the MTV co-hosts could not believe that the love hopeful was so blind to the obviousness of the fake profile. Remember some highlights of notorious cyber cons below, vote up/down for the most unmistakable guys/gals and don't miss a brand-new episode of Catfish next Wednesday at 10/9c!