Grave Situation: These Fear Factor Competitors Are About To Be Buried Alive

But of course, there's a twist -- and it's 'hell'-ish

Fear Factor is about to take a hell-filled field trip to a cemetery. And you can guess what that means...

In a sneak peek of the Fear Factor: Season From Hell season premiere -- debuting in a brand-new Sunday night slot -- host Ludacris tells the competitors that they're about to be buried alive. But before he launches into the logistics of the challenge, he gives the pairs (who will go underground together) a brief history lesson about the cholera epidemic of the 1800s and how it made some people so sick, they were falsely pronounced dead.

"People purchased 'dead ringer' coffins," the wide-ranging entertainer explains in the clip above. "That way, if you were accidentally buried alive, you could actually ring a bell to be saved." And then he makes a priceless Saved By The Bell comment.

But there's more to the challenge, appropriately titled "Dead Ringer." To find out the disgusting twist (hint: it involves some company in the coffin), watch the video and see how these folks fare when Fear Factor returns on Sunday at 7/6c!