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Hinds Have A Surefire Way For Dealing With Sexist Music Industry Criticism

The Madrid band break down their rise for MTV News

Two years ago, the four members of Madrid band Hinds were preparing for a wide tour through Europe in support of their debut LP, Leave Me Alone. As is sometimes the case for new bands on the scene, Hinds had to weather their fair share of criticism from the press and from people online — and at times, it felt uniquely catered to the fact that their group is made up of four women.

In a musical climate where Lorde is not offered her own solo performance at the Grammys (while her male Album of the Year co-nominees are) and where the head of the Recording Academy urges women to "step up" in order to secure better opportunities in the industry, perhaps this is not surprising.

But as "New For You," the first jangly taste of their upcoming second album I Don't Run, suggests, Hinds today sound remarkably self-assured in spite of everything.

"It could be like, maybe you're just a stupid... asshole, or you are sexist, you know what I mean?" vocalist and guitarist Carlotta Cosials told MTV News, though her co-vocalist Ana Perrote opted for a more colorful term.

Perrote said the lasting success of their band, and finding their self-confidence, is one of the best ways to beat back such criticisms. "It's easier to fight against that because it's like, OK, you're saying so many things and I'm feeling horrible, but at the same time, I have a sold-out show tonight. So it's easier to be in an all-women band when you're successful."

"Most of those critics, they affect you — at least they affect us personally — and they don't affect our career," Perrote concluded.

Check out the clip of Hinds talking to MTV News in the video above.