Here's An End Of The F***ing World Quote For Every One Of Your Moods

Your guide to all of the feelings in the new Netflix series

If you haven't caught onto The End Of The F***ing World craze yet, set aside three hours and get on board.

Based on Charles Forsman's graphic novel of the same name, the Bonnie and Clyde-meets-Thelma & Louise vibe of the Netflix show is captivating and fast-paced, making the 20-minute episodes seamlessly meld together into what feels more like a movie than an eight-episode series. Heavy topics like trauma and murder are balanced by an underlying dark humor and the innate innocence of our 17-year-old protagonists, James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden).

And with outlaw high schoolers leading the story, oftentimes using an inner-dialogue, we get some profound quotes that cover an array of emotions. Here's a quote for all of those feelings.

(Oh, and, spoilers below.)

  1. “I’m James. I’m 17, and I’m pretty sure I’m a psychopath.”

    For when you’re feeling: introspective

    James lets us know we are in for a wild ride when he opens the series with this startling line. Although we eventually come to realize that he's definitely not a psychopath, the temptation to analyze our thoughts and harshly self-diagnose can be strong. (WebMD, anyone?)

  2. “Maybe I’m gay. Maybe he’s asexual. We’re dealing with a really broad spectrum these days.”

    For when you’re feeling: like you don’t fit in any one box

    After James and Alyssa come together — for him, to kill her, and for her, to escape dull friends who would rather text than speak — James's somewhat clueless father is relieved to find that his son is making some human contact, and that he's not gay, after all. Alyssa schools him.

  3. “Sometimes everything is suddenly really simple. It’s like everything shifts in a moment, and you step out of your body, out of your life, you step out and you see where you are really clearly. You see yourself and you think, ‘Fuck this shit.’”

    For when you’re feeling: fed up and ready to make some moves

    Sometimes, you have to make a drastic change to get to a better place. That's how Alyssa felt when she realized she had to leave her emotionally abusive stepfather and subordinate (but loving) mother behind and run away with James.

  4. “I really need to cry.”

    For when you’re feeling: overwhelmed

    Sometimes we just need to let ourselves feel all of our emotions at once, and sometimes those emotions come out as tears, whether we're feeling sad, angry, happy, or scared. After leaving home with James by her side, Alyssa realizes that she just needs some time alone to let it all out.

  5. “Some people get embarrassed dancing. I don’t. I think it’s when I feel most myself. I get embarrassed talking. Well, after taking, when I realize I’ve said something stupid.”

    For when you’re feeling: like you just want to shut up and dance

    When life feels good beyond explanation, the only thing you can do is shake it out. Alyssa inviting James to dance after they find a swanky place to crash is just that.

  6. “Being with Alyssa had started to make me feel things. She made me feel things. And I didn’t like it at all.”

    For when you’re feeling: like you’re falling for someone but not ready for it

    Falling for someone is scary and being vulnerable is hard — especially when you once thought about killing that person. James admitting that he's feeling feelings is a huge indication that he's not a psychopath, and admitting that he doesn't want to feel those feelings is a huge indication that he's kind of normal, after all.

  7. “It’s strange. A lot of the time you don’t register the important moments in your life as they happen. You only see that they were important when you look back.”

    For when you’re feeling: nostalgic

    This is a classic 'you don't know what you got 'till it's gone' moment. Here, Alyssa reflects on the decisions she and James made while they cleaned up the dead body of their unknowing and previously absent host/her attempted rapist/their murder victim — decisions which seemed logical at the time seem life-altering looking back. Honestly, who could have known?

  8. “That was the day I learned that silence is really loud. Deafening. I think maybe my dad spent his whole life trying to avoid silence. When you have silence, it’s hard to keep stuff out. It’s all there, and you can’t get rid of it. I used to be able to get rid of things, banish them. But I knew after that day, it wouldn’t be so easy any more… I was never Alyssa’s protector. She was mine.”

    For when you’re feeling: trapped in your head

    You know that feeling when you desperately want to think about anything but one thing, and that one thing becomes the only thing on your mind? It plays through a few times, then rewinds and replays in slow motion, allowing you to analyze everything you did, didn't, and should have done. Yeah. The day James and Alyssa separated is the day he realized how much he needed her.

  9. “I think I’m starting to feel a bit… more like myself. Sometimes I think I feel more like myself with James than I do on my own… Everything feels really simple.”

    For when you’re feeling: happily in love

    After you push past the initial butterflies and nerves, you reach the comfortable stage of falling in love. Or, as I like to call it, the sweatpants stage. Feeling free to relax and be yourself around your partner is key to a lasting love, and Alyssa feels the first glimpses of that when she and James reunite and hit the road toward her dad's safe haven.

  10. “To be mad in a deranged world is not madness. It’s sanity.”

    For when you’re feeling: like the world is going crazy

    Alyssa's dad Leslie may have turned out to be a totally self-serving jerk, but when the world is going crazy, it is comforting to allow ourselves to go a little crazy, too. Plus, it's undeniably funny when he quotes himself. Twice.

  11. “I’ve just turned 18, and I think I understand what people mean to each other.”

    For when you’re feeling: like you finally, finally get it

    In a moment of complete clarity, James closes out the series (or is it season?) with a thought that is structurally similar to his opener, but has the exact opposite sentiment. If only he had this realization before... BANG.