Will Britni's Challenge Alliance With Brad Be Her Undoing?

Her political game on ‘Vendettas’ isn't going over well (to say the least)

If The Challenge is 50 percent competition and 50 percent politicking, Britni might be at least half-screwed.

On tonight’s Vendettas episode, the Are You The One? feature found herself at risk of squaring off against Sylvia — the official loser of “Food Wars” — in The Ring. And while the mission’s Troika — Zach, Marie and Tony — decided who to nominate into The Inquisition, Britni’s ears were likely burning, as half of the house was talking about how she’d shot herself in the foot by allying with Brad.

Already, Brad had gotten into a massive argument with Marie, lectured Cara Maria and still had lingering resentments stemming from a social media spat with Tony. Johnny Bananas and Leroy routinely talked about how they couldn’t stand him either, and it appeared that Britni — who’d begun hooking up with Brad — was at least temporarily paying the price by proxy.

“Do you think if Britni wasn’t affiliated with Brad, her name would even be a whisper? Probably not,” Johnny Bananas said to Natalie.

And at The Troika meeting, Marie proved Bananas’ point.

“Brad’s not really the biggest fan of me,” she said. “So putting Britni into elimination wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for my game.”

And so that’s exactly what she, Zach and Tony did…well, they nominated her, at least. And she wasn’t happy.

“What the f**k is going on?” Britni said, as she observed her face among the trio of Ring nominees. “I’m freaking out. I’m pissed.”

But Tony quickly put things into perspective.

“Britni, you paired yourself with Brad, so therefore, are guilty by association,” he said. “I think you’re great, but you just picked the wrong one.”

Ultimately, it was Melissa who was nominated into The Ring to face off against Sylvia, but Britni’s got an uphill battle ahead. Even with Britni’s brief respite considered, Kailah is still angling to oust Britni, too, by pure virtue of the fact she doesn’t like her.

“I really disliked Britni last season,” she said of their Dirty 30 stint. “She just rubbed me the wrong way…[and] I think it’s really important to break up Brad and Britni right now because two people working together is always gonna be a threat.”

Still, Britni has proven she’s come to play — she won the game’s second mission, “Who’s Got Balls?” and beat every other woman in the game singlehandedly. Is her conviction enough to keep her safe?

What do you think — is Britni screwed, and is her connection to Brad what’ll eventually get her bounced from the house? Or has her performance spoken for itself, and is she strong enough to outlast the political fallout, even if her alliance goes down in flames? Share your thoughts, and see how she and Brad perform next Tuesday at 9/8c!