'I'm Done': Amber And Andrew Just Had Their First Teen Mom OG Spat

The couple bickered about their baby-on-the-way during this week's episode

Amber and Andrew excitedly told her family, as well as the Teen Mom OG crew, about their impending bundle of joy. But during this week's episode, the duo had their first on-screen disagreement about their soon-to-be offspring.

What prompted the bickering? Amber opened up to producer David about a recent doctor's visit where the couple learned that she was 13 weeks along. and she had received medication to help with pregnancy-related sickness. The first point of contention between Amber and Andrew: a natural birth. Andrew was in favor of it, but Amber had different opinions.

But the disagreement about their child didn't end there. While Amber was ready to find out the gender as soon as possible, Andrew was hesitant and suggested they wait "a little bit longer" because the "mystery would be gone."

Amber asserted that this conversation was making her stressed and declared that certain things needed to be done before the highly anticipated arrival. When Andrew tried to assert his beliefs, she told him that he "didn't understand at all."

"What is happening right now? I'm getting pissed off. This is the weirdest argument. This is the weirdest thing," she stated, while adding she had enough of his "hippie bulls**t."

Andrew finally declared she could find out as soon as possible, and Amber looked positively exhausted. It's inevitable that a couple will disagree -- and these two are preparing for a life-changing event. How will they get past this disagreement? And who do you agree with more -- Amber or Andrew? Share your feelings in the comments and be sure to keep watching them every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.