Role Reversal: Which Catfish Is Returning -- And Asking For Nev And Max's Help?

The digital detectives are playing a guessing game in a new sneak peek

Johnny and Jose are about to get some company in the Catfish double cameo category.

In a sneak peek of this week's episode, Nev and Max receive an email from a fraud-turned-love-hopeful who expressed their deep feelings for a guy named Adam. The mysterious man/woman doesn't reveal their identity -- which makes the guys launch a mini-investigation before the real-deal showdown. First stop: a wall in the MTV production offices featuring photographs from every episode of the long-running series.

"The mug shots of all the people," Max states about the visual display. "Who could this catfish be?"

The guys throw out several possibilities, but who do they name? Watch the clip below to hear who they hope it will be, and don't miss the brand-new Catfish installment this Wednesday at 10/9c!