Will Brad Regret Voting for Sylvia, His New Avowed Vendetta?

The comeback kid only had two choices, but did he definitely choose the lesser evil?

Brad aimed to choose the lesser of two evils on tonight’s episode of The Challenge, but may have just added one brand new Vendetta, instead.

After Melissa sent Alicia packing in the very first women’s elimination round, the group traveled back in time to the ‘80s for Season 31’s requisite trivia challenge. Called “Food Wars,” the game tasked the competitors — in teams of three — to answer questions posed by host TJ Lavin. The first team to buzz in first and correctly offer the solution to each of TJ’s questions could pick one additional team to keep safe, but the remaining trios would have to each nominate a delegate to chow down on one of many gross foods (fried blood, anyone?). And any team that failed to finish would be immediately eliminated.

Straight out of the gate, Johnny Bananas, Kayleigh and Cara Maria answered a question and spared Leroy, Britni and Kyle. That meant the remaining teams had to swallow some raw cheese, and Sylvia stepped up when she noticed her two teammates, Brad and Joss, playing scared.

“Brad looks terrified, I’ve never seen anybody look so scared with their eyes so big, I don’t know what’s going on with him,” Sylvia said. “Joss is like, ‘Oh, my god, do I really want to eat?’ And I just say ‘F**k it, I’ll do it myself.’”

But for Sylvia, and most of the remaining cheese-eating crew (only three teams survived the round), the game was over. And after only a couple additional rounds — and thanks to a Herculean effort by Tony — the Real World: Skeletons cast mate, Zach and Marie were named the day’s winners. And as the Troika, they chose Joss, Brad and Sylvia as the day’s official losers, leaving the Bottom Three to decide among themselves who would be sentenced to The Ring.

Though Sylvia was the only one who bucked up and attempted to perform for her team, Joss and Brad both sent votes her way.

Immediately, Sylvia dismissed both of them.

“Really?! Even though I volunteered?!” she said. “Go f**k yourself.”

And though Joss tried to apologize, Sylvia insisted she was done with both of her teammates, and vowed to fight like hell through the coming Ring match, even though she was suddenly overcome by shivers and sickness.

Will she prevail, and is there revenge to come?

What do you think — will Sylvia come back and use her grenade against Brad to shake up the game, and should he be worried? Or, is Sylvia more bark than bite, and is Brad in the clear? Share your thoughts, and see how these two move on next Tuesday at 9/8c!