The Hills Is Being Recreated...By The Siesta Key Cast

Combat boots scene included

Siesta Key has often been compared to The Hills (after all, the producers behind Laguna Beach are also working on the Florida-based program). And now, fans of Siesta Key as well as The Hills are about to get the ultimate crossover treat: hysterical dramatic reenactments of iconic moments originally featuring Lauren, Audrina, Heidi and Spencer.

In the video below, Chloe directs her co-horts Kelsey and Juliette as they take on an unforgettable incident from the hit Tinseltown series. The scene: Lauren comforting Audrina about Justin Bobby after he unexpectedly left Brody's beach party. Yes, "Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach." The ladies take on the assignment with reckless abandon and get some solid acting coaching courtesy of SK's social media sleuth.

Enjoy the clip below, be sure to keep watching Siesta Key every Monday at 10/9c and don't miss a mini Hills marathon, this Monday (January 29!) beginning at 9amET!