Runway Talk: Siesta Key's Kelsey Has Tips For Aspiring Models

The blond beauty took steps to return to her former career during this week's episode

Kelsey (cat)walked away from her modeling career to help care for her mother in Siesta Key. But during this week's episode, the blond beauty took steps to get back to her former professional self.

Kelsey, along with her BFF/roommate Madisson, road-tripped to modeling hotspot New York and visited with several agencies around town. Even though she was dealt some difficult critiques (i.e. "needing to start from scratch"), she seemed more determined than ever to return to her stomping grounds. So what was it like coming back to the Big Apple and exploring opportunities?

"It was odd because I used to travel a lot, and I got used to traveling from place to place and adjusting quickly," Kelsey revealed to MTV News. "But now that I've been settled in Florida, I got used to that lifestyle. So once I returned to New York, I needed to get back into the groove of things."

And what piece of advice would she give someone starting out in the modeling business?

"Always be secure in yourself, and don't change from the industry because it's constantly changing," says Kelsey, who reveals that she looks up to Karlie Kloss because of their "similar path." "No matter what, just stick to who you are."

To see how Kelsey's modeling career evolves, be sure to watch her every Monday on Siesta Key at 10/9c!