BFFs Know Best: Is Hannah Right About Juliette And Alex On Siesta Key?

Everyone is pretty fed up with the on-again-off-again couple

Chloe's Snapchat skills strike again -- only instead of Kelsey and Garrett, it was Juliette and Alex who were caught by Siesta Key's resident social media super sleuth. And, naturally, Juliette's BFF Hannah had some thoughts about her pal's behavior -- but is she right with her analysis?

Let's rehash, because believe us when we say a lot went down with Siesta Key's love triangle du jour (Alex, Juliette and Garrett): Following last week's beachside brawl, basically everyone was pissed at Juliette, minus Alex. Jules swiftly escaped back to FSU, where she admitted to kissing Alex at Chloe's party, resulting in the third degree from Hannah: "Jesus, Juliette. Like, how many times have you guys done this? He's just gross." Um, we count about four times now.

Juliette, who maintains things are "complicated" with Garrett, was soon on her way to making it five when none other than Alex (and his adult braces) surprised her at Hannah's rooftop party, much to the dismay of her friends:

While Hannah and her boyfriend Andrew questioned why Alex was even there, the Kompothecras playboy quickly made his intentions crystal clear to Juliette: "I don't want to cause any problems by being here, but I figured why not? A bro needs to get laid."

Meanwhile, at Kelsey and Madisson's Mardi Gras housewarming bash, Garrett showed up, telling his ex that he felt it best he stayed home after what went down rather than go to Tallahassee to see his "girlfriend." (Air quotes courtesy of Chloe.)

Fast forward to the next day when all hell broke loose. Hannah had apparently posted a Snapchat of Juliette hanging all over Alex, and Chloe saw it -- because Chloe and Snapchat go together like peas and carrots. She immediately told Garrett, who echoed Hannah's sentiments and said, "Juliette has no self-respect when it comes to her and Alex."

Despite Alex's seemingly sincere apology to Juliette, Hannah (and pretty much everyone, if we're being honest) is convinced Alex is up to no good, per his usual track record. Is Hannah entitled to feel that enough is enough, or is her BFF simply following her heart? Sound off in the comments, and catch an all-new Siesta Key Monday at 10/9c.