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Sorry, But Demi Lovato Isn’t Sorry About All Her Swimsuit Selfies

'I’ve taken away the power from the haters'

In recent weeks, Demi Lovato fans may have noticed that the singer has been flooding her Instagram feed with more sexy swimsuit pics than usual. No, that’s not her way of bragging about the California sunshine to everyone suffering winter gloom. Instead, it’s all part of her mission to practice self-love in 2018 — and it’s really, really working.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lovato explained, “I’ve been working on myself for the past year, more so than I’ve ever worked on myself. I’ve really surrendered to the process of just learning to love yourself, and I feel like it shows through my pictures. I post more bathing suit pictures online. I want to show my fans that it’s possible that they can get to that self-love too.”

For years, Lovato has been candid about struggling with an eating disorder, giving fans a more in-depth look at her battle in the YouTube documentary Simply Complicated. Though she’s made a ton of progress, she continues to fight the voice inside her head that says she isn’t good enough. Earlier this month, for instance, that voice tried to speak up when Lovato, a self-described "perfectionist," was deciding whether or not to post a pic of herself in a strapless swimsuit.

“I was very hesitant about posting that because I didn’t love my legs in it,” Lovato admitted to DeGeneres. “You know, every time you look at a picture of yourself you critique it. I’m a perfectionist. I decided to post it anyways because I thought, 'You know what? It’s me, it’s who I am, I love my body, so I’m just going to post it.' ... I posted it because I look so happy.”

Since she shared the pic on January 4, it’s racked up more than 3.3 million likes. That kind of viral popularity unfortunately means Lovato has to face nasty trolls, but she has an admirably chill attitude when it comes to that.

“I’ve taken away the power from the negative comments and the haters by not listening to them,” she said. “And if I do see it, I just feel sorry for them because who leaves a negative comment on somebody’s profile on the internet? You have to be kind of sad to do that. So I’ve taken away the power, and it just feels great.”