Everything Sucks Is Here To Remind Us What The 90s Were Like

Please enjoy 40 seconds of straight nostalgia

High school was pretty different 22 years ago, and Everything Sucks is here to remind us what it was like.

The first teaser for the upcoming Netflix series takes us back to that pre-Facebook time to when movies were played using VCRs, people expressed themselves with iron-on patches, and the closest thing to a text message was a calculator with 07734 typed across the screen.

The teen dramedy, set in Boring, Oregon, is a coming-of-age story about the nerdy students from the A/V Club and the Drama Club (which, in a time before the tech boom and Glee, were two clubs that were basically reserved for unpopular kids) coming together to face high school.

Whether you lived through the '90s or weren't born yet, this teaser serves as the perfect reminder of the times. We can only anticipate how informative the full series will be.

The nostalgia-inducing first season of Everything Sucks will be released Friday, February 16 on Netflix.