'We Just Click': Siesta Key's Juliette Gets Candid About Her Attraction To Alex

The two shared a smooch during this week's episode

There's just something about Romeo Alex and Juliette.

During this week's Siesta Key installment, the FSU student found herself making out back with her on-again/off-again summer beau following the fight with Kelsey/Madisson/Chloe.

And then they were kissing:

While it remains to be seen where her relationship with the king of SK will go, there are definite sparks between the two (à la Shakespeare's characters). And when Jules recently caught up with MTV News, she revealed Alex's most attractive qualities.

"We have similarities in all the right ways," she said. "As we became closer, we realized we have a lot of things in common. We have fun doing the same things, and we like each other's company. We just click."

Do you think Alex and Juliette will get back together -- or was their lip-lock a one-time thing? Sound off in the comments, and do not miss them every Monday on Siesta Key at 10/9c.