Camila Cabello Wrote The Most Heartfelt Note To Her Fans When Her Album Dropped

'These songs have been my babies for a year now... And now they belong to you'

Now that Camila is here and we're blasting "Never Be The Same" and the rest of Camila Cabello's solo debut album on a loop, the pop star is thrilled to mark this new career milestone by making it clear to her fans that this is all for them.

In a humbling thank you note she posted to Instagram, Cabello is sincere and appreciative of those who supported her when she left Fifth Harmony and broke out on her own to forge her own musical path. Addressing her Camilizers, she immediately stresses the role they've played in her journey, and how she "can't steady [her] heartbeat" because Camila is finally here and in their hands.

She thanks them for their patience and providing an "amazing support system" that offered comfort while she was hard at work on the album, and stressed how important their connection is to her.

"These songs have been my babies for a year now... And now they belong to you," she writes. "This past year has been full of new adventures, new challenges, new fears and new courage, but one thing that's remained constant is us."


2018 is starting on a high note for Cabello and her Camilizers, so congratulations to them all as they savor these new songs, and this next chapter, together.