Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek: Farrah Has A Showdown With Executive Producer Morgan

It's the moment everyone will be talking about

At the beginning of this Teen Mom OG season, a supersized sneak peek revealed Farrah and executive producer Morgan would be having a chat about her involvement with the MTV series. And now, we can reveal a bit more of their candid conversation before it airs in its entirety.

In the video, above, Farrah expresses her anger toward her producer Kristen. Specifically, she says, "F**k you and your excuses." Farrah cuts off the conversation (specifically, she drives away in her car), and then we see Sophia's mother sitting down with Morgan.

"I think we want to look at how people are treated," he firmly states. "Do you feel like you respect the people that are around you trying to make the show?"

How does Farrah answer his question -- and what happens next? Check out the showdown in the clip, sound off in the comments and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.