Ansel Elgort Is A Sweaty Tortured Soul In New ‘Supernova’ Video

Remember how he makes music sometimes? Here's the latest proof

This week, we’ve seen videos from a globetrotting Taylor Swift, a self-dueling Dua Lipa, and a Footloose-loving Troye Sivan. Now, get ready for a new one from Ansel Elgort, the Golden Globe-nominated Baby Driver actor who you may or may not have forgotten also dabbles in music.

For his latest musical foray, Elgort (formerly known to the EDM world as Ansolo) teamed up with director Colin Tilley, the brilliant mind behind Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright.” Together, they brought the lovelorn “Supernova” to life, with Elgort playing a tormented soul who's swimming in regret. His voice is deep and moody as he details how a girl in California left him for some other guy in Georgia (ouch). The only way he can get over it, it seems, is to play hopscotch in a dark alley while working up one heck of an angsty sweat.

In a statement, Elgort said, “With 'Supernova' I made something that I knew I’d want to hear. For the first time with my music, it really feels like it’s really coming from me. I was able to let my subconscious take over and never second-guess any artistic impulse while writing.”

He added, “I’m especially excited about my music project at this moment. Can’t wait to share more of the new stuff.”

Sounds like Elgort's music career is just warming up.