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Taylor Swift Has One Rowdy Night Out With Ed Sheeran And Future For 'End Game'

Passports required

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Future didn't just team up for a massive single and an epic music video to go along with it: They crossed multiple time zones and borders to deliver a visual for "End Game" that takes a night out with friends to a new level.

For the latest music video from reputation, director Joseph Kahn kept a twinge of the futuristic vibes we saw with "Look What You Made Me Do" and "...Ready For It?" before this. Swift dashes from Miami to Tokyo and London with her collaborators in tow, luxuriating on yachts, doing shots, and dancing in various cushy locales.

Most people refuse to leave their neighborhood to meet their friends at a bar, but Swift? She'll meet her buds — especially Sheeran, one of her best — in any given city on any given continent, apparently, as long as there's an opportunity to dance or goof off. (Or, preferably, do both at the same time.)

Considering how epic 2017 was for Swift and reputation, it's only fitting that she's kicking off 2018 with a video that's one giant, globe-trotting celebration before she launches one giant, globe-trotting celebration of a world tour for real.