'I Think It's Important To Talk About It': Teen Mom OG's Maci Opens Up About Recent Miscarriage

During tonight's episode, the young mother revealed details about the deeply personal event

Maci has rarely refrained from talking about difficult topics on Teen Mom OG -- and during tonight's episode, the mother of three got candid about a recent event in her life that she had kept private.

"We had a miscarriage," Maci told producer Jeni, while she was at a one-year wedding anniversary dinner with Taylor.

What prompted the deeply personal revelation? Maci had received a text from a friend about having more children, prompting her to tell her spouse that she didn't want to welcome a baby. But Taylor had a different opinion.

"I love kids -- I wouldn't be mad about it," Taylor stated.

Maci explained that she was open to adoption, and they both agreed that they would adopt a child in the "4-6 range" and not a baby. But she then made a 180 and stated that if he really wanted a baby, they could expand their family "naturally." But when he asserted that if they tried to get pregnant it would happen quickly, Maci responded with, "I think you're forgetting something."

Soon after, Taylor excused himself from the table -- and Maci opened up to Jeni about the miscarriage (and even revealed a named they had selected). When Taylor returned, he asserted he didn't want to talk about it. However, Maci had another point of view.

"I think it's important for people that are watching that we talk about it," she stressed. When Maci asked Taylor if he was mad, he was silent.

If you, or someone who know has suffered a miscarriage, know that you are not alone and there are resources available. Visit Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support for more information.