Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Camila Cabello Sings 'Never Be The Same' With The Whole Galaxy As Her Backdrop

It's the most intense performance of the single yet

Camila Cabello is merely hours away from the drop of her self-titled solo debut, and she performed its second single, "Never Be The Same," with some pretty epic visuals on The Tonight Show.

Though the music video for the track had her tearing up the first time she saw it, this live rendition of "Never Be The Same" offers euphoria with a side of melancholy instead of the other way around. Cabello performs with little more than giant screens and a microphone for company, and she hits the floor at a couple of points to throw herself fully into the bridge.

The montages rolling at a clip behind her are just as stunning as her vocal output, too: Her high notes are met with infernos, spinning galaxies, rocket launches, and a hyper-speed detour down a city street, and that's just highlighting a few frames.

Camila is coming — and if she can stand down a wall of flames while belting her heart out through some of the toughest lines she's put to paper, we can't wait to see what the arrival of the album will bring.