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Cardi B Will Rap About Love, Money, And ‘Square-Ass’ Haters On Her Debut Album

She's vowing to prove her critics wrong

Every Cardi B interview is a must-watch, and her latest is no exception. Sitting down with Beats 1 Radio’s Julie Adenuga, Cardi spoke on everything from her engagement to Offset, her tangerine Bentley, how much money is in her bank account (“a good amount”), and, of course, her debut album.

Asked about the possibility of hearing some love songs on the album, she confirmed we’ll be getting precisely that, and so much more. “I could really make a song of hurt, because I've been hurt by a lot of men,” she said. “I'm talking about, like, how sad I be when a dude curves me. And I never talk about that because I refuse to let people know that I get sad because when a man don't answer my calls.”

Besides her relationships highs and lows, Cardi’s hotly anticipated debut will cover themes of money, family, and the haters who love to call her a one-hit wonder. On the latter subject, here’s what she had to say: “I’m always gonna talk about them because I hate them. I hate y’all. I wish y’all catch something. ... I’m not too cool to tell your fucking ass something. Like, how your fucking square ass is gonna talk about me?

“A lot of people always question 'What else can she do, what else can she do?'” she continued. “And I’m going to show you.”

As always, Cardi keeps it real.