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Believe It Or Not, Bishop Briggs Says 'Dream' Was Inspired By A Haunted Piano

And a horrifying nightmare

Bishop Briggs makes big music. That's simple enough to glean from her smash 2016 single "River," a musically minimal song that pushes into grandeur because of Briggs' booming vocals. And it's even easier to hear on "Dream," which Briggs — MTV's Push: Artist to Watch for January — said began almost improbably small: on a piano.

"I saw this really old piano that was in the corner," Briggs, told MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson. "And I just told [producer Ian Scott], I was like, can you please just play some chords? Like, this is the coolest piano. There's something so dark about it, and it just seemed to be layered with ghosts."

Briggs called the chorus line, "I wanna wake up where your love is / 'Cause your love is always waking mine," a bit of a breakthrough in the writing process, and when it hits during her recent MTV performance, you can feel how seismic the shift is.

She also characterized the behind-the-scenes origins of "Dream" as a "whole different process" than how a song of hers usually takes shape: "I just starting singing these melodies, and we just kind of had goosebumps."

You wouldn't be wrong to feel empowered by a song this palatial, though Briggs said it was based on an actual dream where she found herself trapped and screaming to no one. Not exactly liberating.

Unless, of course, it is freeing — just in a way you hadn't thought about before. "I think it was really exciting to release something that was different for me," Briggs said. "And the hope is that people respond well."