Max Has An Interesting Catfish Theory -- Involving Mary Tyler Moore

Is the sitcom legend an actual clue?

With a self-titled sitcom that aired in the 1970s, Mary Tyler Moore became a part of TV history -- and now, the late, great star is making her mark on an upcoming Catfish case.

In a sneak peek of this week's installment (airing on Wednesday), Max and Nev sit down with love hopeful Alyssa and talk about her romance with a man supposedly named Tyler.

"You've got a best friend named Mary, who is sweet and sensitive and caring," Nev says in the clip below, while Max adds that said pal encouraged Alyssa to go on the app MocoSpace to "meet someone."

"And then the first person who texts you is Tyler, who you don't speak to ever on the phone," Max continues.

But then, the silver fox comes up with a theory. "Are you familiar with the television star Mary Tyler Moore?"

How does Alyssa react -- and does she believe her friend is behind the scheme? (Hey, it wouldn't be the first time the love hopeful's catfish was someone they knew IRL). Watch the video to find out, and don't miss the episode this Wednesday at 10/9c!