Challenge Chess: Can Cara Maria Survive the Game With So Many Vendettas?

Kailah and Marie are just some players actively ready to bounce the vet

If Cara Maria plans to make it to the end of The Challenge: Vendettas, it — like the game’s very first mission — will be a steep uphill battle.

On tonight’s premiere of the series’ 31st season, host TJ Lavin told 28 players that to survive until the game’s end — and complete for their share of $500,000 in prize money — they’d have to outlast rivals they’d accumulated across a collection of shows. On Vendettas, the field of competitors would widen to include cast members from shows like Geordie Shore, Big Brother and Ex on the Beach. Still, there was one consistent theme: Many people wanted Cara Maria gone.

And first on the list? Cara’s Dirty Thirty nemesis Kailah, who famously voted Cara into Season 30’s Redemption House in spite of the ladies’ presumed alliance. Kailah has claimed Cara wasn’t as honest a player as she seemed, and was making silent deals on the side.

“I’m not intimidated by Cara Maria whatsoever,” the Real World alum said. “I sent her home last season on just a vote. I did what I had to do and I’m going to keep doing that…This season I’m ready to go head-to-head with her.”

Another player who thought Cara’s stronghold over the game might be slipping was Jemmye.

In “Get Off The Rock,” the game’s first mission, players had to race through the winding streets of Gibraltar, through a series of tunnels and finally — after a checkpoint in which they had to stand still for six hours — they’d race to the top of the mountain.

And while Nicole Z kept up with the guys, and put on a strong showing on the ladies’ side, Cara Maria struggled a bit, and hovered around fifth place.

“I obviously expect a lot more from Cara Maria and Kailah, who do nothing but train for these Challenges,” Jemmye said. “For real, y’all are online selling fitness workouts and I’m keeping up with you on the rock? It’s not a good look for your fitness program.”

Finally, on the political side of things, Marie — who saw Cara as a mean girl on Dirty Thirty — immediately tried to curry favor among the game’s new players like Big Brother export Natalie. Marie made it her mission to turn the house against Cara.

“People should know who they’re around, nobody likes a bully,” Marie said. “Cara is not a good person…She came onto this show with no one, because we were all like f--- that bitch. She’s conniving.”

Still, for all that’s working against Cara, there’s no denying she’s a tough player who knows how to show up. She just missed out on the Dirty 30 grand prize, earning a second-place finish behind Camila. And, on her preceding season, Champs vs. Pros, she took home the grand prize with Darrell.

What do you think — can Cara Maria survive Vendettas, and is she strong enough to take out her many opponents? Or, is there just too much working against her, and is it only a matter of time before she’s out? Share your thoughts, and see how Cara progresses Tuesday at 9/8c!