Which Champ And Star Should Get The Final Two Challenge Spots?

It’s Bananas/Emily vs. Josh/Michelle for the big money, but each side gets one more teammate

It’s come down to the wire on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, and while four competitors have earned tickets to the finale after tonight’s episode, eight players have been left wondering whether they’ll earn one of two remaining spots, or be sent home immediately.

In “Sink or Swim,” a heat-by-heat test of each player’s individual endurance, the competitors learned they’d have navigate an underwater obstacle course and complete five obstacles en route to a final buoy. But the mission included raised stakes: The fastest man and woman from each team would automatically advance to the final mission and — as a pair — earn the power to pick one final teammate. Everyone else — the six remaining players — would be eliminated on the spot.

While Wes and Justina, seasoned swimmers, predicted they’d handily earn spots on their respective final teams, the obstacles proved to be unexpected equalizers. Wes stumbled on one obstacle that challenged players to untie a knot, while Justina and others struggled to dive deep and lift a kettle bell to complete the final checkpoint.

“I can just see my final slipping away from me,” Wes lamented through his struggles.

And ultimately, it slipped all the way: When the game had ended, it was Johnny Bananas — who’d beaten out teammates Wes, CT and Zach — and Emily, who’d bested Tori, that stood as The Champs’ first two finalists. Meanwhile, Michelle and Josh put up the best times on The Stars team, meaning Matt, Ariane, Kim and Justina would contend for only one more Stars space.

On the Champs’ team, Emily and Bananas seemed to agree that either CT or Zach deserved the final spot. Emily argued that Zach had outperformed everyone all season and was a better athlete, while Bananas insisted that CT — in spite of his proud new dadbod — would be an undisputed asset, and could help them both with puzzles and eating potentially gross food.

“If Johnny and Emily are smart, they’re gonna take the person who’s done the best this entire season,” Zach said. “I’ve got two MVPs, I’ve been the best performer and it should be me.”

Michelle and Josh, all the while, argued over whether Kim or Justina deserved The Stars’ third and final spot. Both had performed consistently across the season, and while Justina had been an avowed ally of Michelle’s, Josh and Kim were as thick as thieves. They proposed to let a coin toss make the choice for them, and the results remain in the air.

“I’ve shown my heart, I’ve competed, I hope it’s been enough to show Josh and Michelle that I’m a good candidate to bring onboard as a wild card,” Justina said. “I mean, who’s more wild than me?”

So, which remaining Champs player and which Stars delegate should get the final two spots in the Champs vs. Stars finale? Share your thoughts, and see which team wins the grand prize next Tuesday at 10/9c!