Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for dick clark productions

Camila Cabello Had A Trick For Warming Up A Frozen Times Square On New Year's Eve

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It was approximately a zillion degrees below zero in New York City last night (December 31), but that didn't stop Camila Cabello from melting the crowd in Times Square with a performance of "Havana" that broke through the chill.

For her turn on New Year's Eve Rockin' Eve 2018, Cabello, in a sparkling ensemble that had her matching the shine of the iconic ball waiting to drop nearby, ran through her smash single while switching up her usual routine. The motivation? Get those high notes out before the excruciating cold froze up her vocal cords and sing way more of 'em than usual to do so.

It totally worked, as you'd never know she was trying to deliver in such frigid conditions if you didn't know that Times Square was doing its best impression of the Arctic Circle in 2017's final moments.

Here's to a year full of more stellar songs from Cabello, who's set to drop her solo debut, Camila, which will (finally!) see its release on January 12.