Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Set To Be 2017's Box Office Champion

Move over, 'Beauty and the Beast' — but may the force be with you, anyway

2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens may still remain the highest-grossing film of all time, but its sequel, The Last Jedi is doing right by its forebear and kicking complete and total ass as it continues to rake in millions both at home and abroad.

The Rian Johnson-directed Episode VIII is on track to secure two achievements by the time your New Years hangover subsides: It's still performing strong in theaters, and should pass the $1 billion mark at the international box office over the holiday weekend.

It's the reigning champ of the domestic box office at the moment, too, with $19 million from this weekend alone contributing to that sum. To compare to the last Star Wars release, The Last Jedi has globally grossed the same in two weeks that Rogue One did for its entire theatrical run. (And that's still nothing to sneeze at, considering we're talking about a billion dollars here.)

Additionally, the latest box office projections have The Last Jedi earning $535 million to date — which makes it the top-grossing film of 2017, inching out March's Beauty and the Beast, which currently holds the distinction with its $504 million triumph.

This is all to say that THE WORLD WANTS MORE PORGS (even if John Boyega doesn't), and we're cool with that.