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Is Lil Wayne On Tinder? And 9 Other Questions We Have From Dedication 6

We countdown the weirdest, wisest, and Weeziest punchlines

The Dedication series is an American institution. Since 2005, we've seen Lil Wayne morph from a kid rapper in the shadow of his Hot Boy brethren to the self-ascribed Best Rapper Alive. Wayne's series with DJ Drama saw the New Orleans rapper elevate the mixtape to high art. At the height of Weezy's powers, he'd take another rapper's beat, adopt it, raise it like it his own, and send it off to college.

This Christmas, Lil Wayne released Dedication 6. The sixth installment of the mixtape series finds Wayne rapping over Lil Uzi Vert's "XO TOUR Llif3," Post Malone's "Rockstar," and 21 Savage's "Bank Account." In typical Wayne fashion, Dedication 6 is a punchline extravaganza. For those still navigating the holiday fog between Christmas and New Year's, here are some of the most outlandish lines across Wayne's latest mixtape.

  1. Would You Swipe Right On Weezy?

    Punchline: "Lied about the price to the spender / And I lied about my height on Tinder"

    For all those who slander men under six feet, you should be ashamed. Thanks to you, Wayne is lying about his height on dating apps. According to Google, Lil Wayne is 5'5", which makes the prefix of his name accurate and ironic.

    Earlier in December, Eminem admitted he was on Tinder. It looks like all rap legends are going through similar dating woes.

  2. How Much Does Lil Wayne Love Clowns?

    Punchline: "You know that we take the kids, just like Freddy, Jason, IT"

    Lil Wayne raps about kidnapping a lot. The closest Wayne has probably gotten to kidnapping a child is stealing the collective imaginations of an entire generation during his mixtape run. However, that form of abduction is more metaphorical than literal.

    Besides kidnapping, Wayne also seems to love IT as much as most moviegoers. On the intro to Dedication 6, "Fly Away," Wayne brings up clowns: "Face been painted, they ain't never clowned him."

  3. Does Lil Wayne Know How Time Works?

    Punchline: "I snoozed off on Father Time / Got my goons to go kidnap Daughter Time"

    You thought we were kidding about Wayne's obsession with kidnapping. On "Boyz 2 Menace," Wayne ups the ante by having his goons abduct Daughter Time, which raises a few questions.

    What type of beef does Wayne have with the symbolic representation of the passage of time? Is Mother Nature concerned with her missing daughter? What if Daughter Time is a Lil Wayne fan?

  4. Is YMCMB The Modern Stone Age Family?

    Punchline: "Kush loud as Fred screamin' 'Wilma!'"

    In an alternate reality, Young Money are the stars of a Flintstones reboot. Lil Wayne is Fred, Nicki Minaj is Wilma, Drake is Barney, and Tyga is Dino. The latest episode sees Wayne getting into an argument with his boss Pterodactylman at the Cash Money Rock and Gravel Company. They are arguing over a contract dispute. It's a must-see episode.

  5. Would You Leggo of Weezy's Eggo?

    Punchline: "Oh, I got a Draco in the sofa / An Eggo in the toaster"

    A side effect of Wayne never writing his rhymes down is the feeling that he often just points to random objects in a room when he runs out of ideas. This line from "5 Star" has nothing to do with anything.

    Having a gun in the sofa is an odd place to have a firearm, but it is a very rapper thing to say. On the other hand, forgetting you have a breakfast pastry in the toaster is relatable, albeit not something you think of regarding your average rappers' day.

  6. Can Scotty Beam Weezy Up?

    Punchline: "I just left planet Earth / Ran into Captain Kirk / I pop a Perc, I'm trippy / Call me Perc Nowitzki"

    Lil Wayne as the latest member of the USS Enterprise makes perfect sense. The self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive is a self-proclaimed martian. Weezy's mastery of vocal manipulation makes him the ideal alien translator. Lastly, Weezy's penchant for describing women and sex acts in a myriad of ways would make even a ladies' man like Kirk envious.

    Unfortunately, Spock might have a problem with Wayne's drug consumption in space.

  7. Does Weezy Ever Find Time To Play?

    Punchline: "Does it look like I'm playin'? Kaepernick"

    If this line were uttered by any other rapper, it would be cringeworthy. In Wayne's capable, albeit tasteless hands it comes off as hilarious. Colin Kaepernick's deeds this year were tremendous, game-changing and powerful. Nothing like a Wayne punchline to etch one's influence in stone.

  8. Who Still Uses MySpace?

    Punchline: "I take off from Earth and take your bitch up into MySpace"

    Is Lil Wayne the only rapper still using MySpace? He undoubtedly uploads his mixtapes to DatPiff, when there are arguably more popular streaming services like SoundCloud or Spotify. Maybe Wayne isn't a fan of our growing dependence on new forms of technology as a way of filling the empty void in our souls.

  9. Weezy F. Baby And The "F" Is For... Feces?

    Punchline: "Money talkin' more than Bryant Gumbel / Too much shit on my mind, I need a plumber"

    Lil Wayne raps about poop as much as he does about the female anatomy and the aforementioned kidnapping. It is a shame Gumbel was on the receiving end of this punchline, but at least he can tell all his friends he got a shout-out on Dedication 6.

  10. Does Weezy Worship Yeezy?

    Punchline: "And you don't even believe in Yeezus / Why you wearin' Yeezy sneakers?"

    Does Wayne know it is acceptable for women to wear Yeezys without considering Kanye West a deity? Considering how many classic albums Kanye has, it is hard to believe that there are people out there that don't think Yeezus their musical Lord and savior. Regardless, women should be allowed to wear their Kanye designed footwear in peace.