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5 Seconds Of Summer's Michael Clifford Says You Can Expect New Music In 2018

He's serious this time

All the way back in April — which might as well have been 10 years ago at this point — the four dudes in 5 Seconds of Summer gave a quick video update about what they've been up to since their most recent album, Sounds Good Feels Good, dropped in 2015. Part of that update was the crucial bit of information that the third 5SOS record could likely be expected sometime before the end of 2017.

Well, the end of 2017 is rapidly approaching (five days, in fact), and we're still without a new 5SOS album. But according to a new interview guitarist Michael Clifford gave to Billboard, things are looking good for a "really early" in 2018 release.

"Our fans were pretty pissed off that we didn't give them an update about releasing an album this year because towards the start of the year, we were pretty positive we'd have an album out by the end of [2017]," Clifford said. "With timing, it just didn't end up working, but we're definitely gonna have the album out next year."

But what would a new 5SOS even sound like at this point? Will it have the same ubiquitous shout-along quality that made their first two albums — specifically songs like "She Looks So Perfect" and "Jet Black Heart" — so endearing?

"It's really hard to explain what the sound is without actually hearing it," Clifford said. "It's like taking music where it's at now, and putting our spin on it — making that sound unique. And it's good. It's not necessarily more electronic; it's not just rock... That's the thing with rock and punk music — it's always mainly been about energy, you know what I mean?"

"Rock music isn't just how you play it, it's the energy that comes from that. And I think we've always had that and tried to keep that. And that's something that conveys pretty well into the new stuff."

The new stuff that, once again, is very hopefully going to drop in 2018. And if it doesn't, at least we have some more good tweets to look forward to.