Tour De Force: The Cramps, Originators of Hip Hop, Pigface...

The Cramps: The masters of psycho-billy punk are once again on the

road, touring in support of Big Beat From Badsville.

The Cramps Tour Dates:

Feb. 28; Oklahoma City, Okla., Will Rogers Theatre

Mar. 1; San Antonio, Texas, White Rabbit

Mar. 2; Baton Rouge, La., Varsity Theatre

Mar. 4; St. Petersburg, Fla., Jannus Landing

Mar. 5; Miami Beach, Fla., Cameo Theatre

Mar. 6; Lake Buena Vista, Fla., House of Blues

Mar. 7; Athens, Ga., 40 Watt Club

Mar. 9; Carrboro, N.C., Cat's Cradle

Mar. 12; Baltimore, Md., Bohager's

Originators Of Hip Hop: If you're interested in exploring the roots

of rap, you can do no wrong by checking out this tour, which features the

Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Melle Mel.

Originators Of Hip Hop Tour Dates:

Feb. 13; Gainesville, Fla., Brick City Music Hall

Feb. 14; Jacksonville, Fla., Milk Bar

Feb. 15; Houston, Texas, Roxy

Feb. 16; Miami, Fla., Liquid

Feb. 18; Salt Lake City, Utah, Holy Cow

Feb. 19; Boise, Idaho, Bogie's

Feb. 20; Salt Lake City, Utah, Fair Park Coliseum

Feb. 21; Steamboat Springs, Colo., Inferno

Feb. 22; Vail, Colo., Garton's

Feb. 23; Breckenridge, Colo., Alligator Lounge

Feb. 24; Fort Collins, Colo., Aggie Theatre

Mar. 1; So. Lake Tahoe, Calif., Mulligan's

Pigface: The revolving-member all-star band is on the road once

again, pledging to meet the industrial-rock needs of each city it stops


Pigface Tour Dates:

Mar. 12; Tulsa, Okla., Cain's Ballroom

Mar. 13; Denver, Colo., Aztlan Theatre

Mar. 14; Salt Lake City, Utah, To Be Announced

Mar. 15; Boise, Idaho, Bogie's

Mar. 16; Seattle, Wash., Fenix

Mar. 17; Vancouver, B.C., Graceland

Mar. 18; Portland, Ore., Zoot Suit

Mar. 19; San Francisco, Calif., Fillmore

Mar. 20; Los Angeles, Calif., To Be Announced

Mar. 21; Tempe, Ariz., Boston's Night Club

Mar. 22; El Paso, Texas, To Be Announced

Mar. 23; Austin, Texas, Liberty Lunch

Mar. 24; Dallas, Texas, To Be Announced

Mar. 25; St. Louis, Mo., Galaxy

Mar. 26; Cincinnati, Ohio, Bogart's

Mar. 27; Memphis, Tenn., To Be Announced

Mar. 28; New Orleans, La., To Be Announced

Mar. 29; Tampa, Fla., To Be Announced

Mar. 30; Atlanta, Ga., Masquerade

Mar. 31; Charlotte, N.C., Tremont Music Hall

Apr. 1; Washington, D.C., Capitol Ballroom

Apr. 2; New York, N.Y., To Be Announced

Apr. 3; Philadelphia, Pa., Trocadero

Apr. 4; Boston, Mass., To Be Announced

Apr. 5; Montreal, Que., Foufounes Electriques

Apr. 6; Ottawa, Ont., Barrymore's

Apr. 7; Toronto, Ont., Opera House

Apr. 8; Pittsburgh, Pa., Metropol

Apr. 9; Cleveland, Ohio., Odeon Concert Club

Apr. 10; Pontiac, Mich., Clutch Cargo

Apr. 11; Chicago, Ill., House of Blues

Apr. 12; Minneapolis, Minn., Quest Club

Apr. 13; Milwaukee, Wis., Rave

Chumbawamba: Although they may not mind if you steal their CDs from

large record chains, it may be a problem if you sneak into their concerts.

Chumbawamba Tour Dates:

Mar. 2; San Francisco, Calif., Warfield

Mar. 3; Las Vegas, Nev., Joint

Mar. 4; Tempe, Ariz., Hayden Square Amphitheatre

Mar. 6; Boulder, Colo., Boulder Theater

Mar. 8; Lawrence, Kan., Granada Theatre

Mar. 9; St. Louis, Mo., Mississippi Nights

Mar. 11; Minneapolis, Minn., First Avenue

Mar. 12; Milwaukee, Wis., Rave

Mar. 13; Cincinnati, Ohio, Bogart's

Mar. 15; Indianapolis, Ind., Egyptian Room

Mar. 16; Columbus, Ohio, Newport Music Hall

Mar. 17; Pittsburgh, Pa., Metropol

Mar. 18; Rochester, N.Y., Water Street Music Hall

Bob Dylan: The legendary folk-rocker and probable Grammy-winner

continues his North American onslaught in support of Time Out of Mind.

Bob Dylan Tour Dates:

Feb. 14; Cleveland, Ohio, Public Hall Arena

Feb. 15; Toledo, Ohio, University of Toledo

Feb. 17; St. Louis, Mo., Fox Theater

Feb. 19; Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Gardens

Feb. 20; Bristol, Tenn., Viking Hall

Feb. 22; Fairfax, Va., Patroit Center

Feb. 23; Newark, Del., University of Delaware

Everclear: Continuing a tour in support of So Much for the

Afterglow, the grunge group brings along groove-metal band Jimmie's

Chicken Shack as openers.

Everclear Tour Dates:

Feb. 19; Carmichael, Calif., El Dorado

Feb. 20; Santa Barbara, Calif., Hub

Feb. 21; San Diego, Calif., Soma

Feb. 22; Las Vegas, Nev., Huntridge Theatre

Feb. 24; Denver, Colo., Ogden Theatre

Feb. 26; Oklahoma City, Okla., Will Rogers Theatre

Feb. 27; San Antonio, Texas, White Rabitt

Feb. 28; Houston, Texas, Abyss

Mar. 2; St. Petersburg, Fla., Jannus Landing

Mar. 3; Miami Beach, Fla., Cameo Theatre

Mar. 4; Lake Buena Vista, Fla., House of Blues

Mar. 5; Charleston, S.C., Music Farm

Mar. 6; Charlotte, N.C., Tremont Music Hall

Mar. 7; Norfolk, Va., Boathouse

Mar. 9; Richmond, Va., Flood Zone

Mar. 10; Hartford, Conn., Webster Theatre

Mar. 11; Portland, Maine, Asylum

Mar. 12; Burlington, Vt., Club Toast

Mar. 13; Buffalo, N.Y., Showplace

Mar. 14; Columbus, Ohio, Newport Music Hall

Mar. 16; Indianapolis, Ind., Emerson Theatre

Mar. 17; La Crosse, Wis., Hollywood Theatre

Mar. 18; Omaha, Neb., Ranch Bowl

Mar. 21; Boise, Idaho, Union Block Concert